New Products From The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada this week, and innovators of all stripes are showcasing a variety of new wares, from massive designs to pocket-sized gadgets.


Crowd at the 2010 Consumer Electronics ShowCrowd at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show


Some of these new products will come to revolutionize the way we live and some will just fade away. Here are videos of a few promising new items from the show.


Product #1: 84-Inch Touch Display from 3M

This product is huge! It's essentially a large interactive screen for displaying any kind of information. Take a look:



The presenter here talks a lot about in-store applications, but  in a few years, something like this could be great for the home or workplace as well. Think "virtual desk."


Product #2: Small Speakers from Matrix Audio

Moving from big visuals to small audio,  these little speakers from Matrix Audio give you full sound in a small package. 



This pocket-sized product is easy to carry around, so you can have great music experiences on the go.


Product #3: Lego Mindstorms

Okay, this is just cool. Basically, it's Legos you control with your mind. Well, you actually control them with your iPhone, but what's the difference?



Talk about fun for kids of all ages! This product will get lots of play from parents as well as children.


There is a ton of great new stuff on display at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the official web site to learn more.