The Rage: Hibiscus In Your Bubbly

You can serve a Krug 1990 champagne, a Martinelli Heritage 2007 sparkling cider, or a Canada Dry 2008 ginger ale.... Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are the rage for their centerpiece and delicious finishing fruit.

Ah, there's nothing like a Australian-grown wild hibiscus, soaked in sweet syrup and bubbly, to perk up your taste buds. They even reward the hold-your-nose champagne drinkers for sticking it out until the real wine comes along.





The hibiscus flowers don't look like much when they're placed in the center of the base of a champagne glass, but when you pour any bubbly on them, they bloom as if the sun just lit them up! Pour the bubbly over them... and you're ready to light up! (But they do open in any carbonated beverage!)



The hibiscus flowers taste a bit like strawberry rhubarb to me, but others say they have more of a raspberry taste. The neat thing is that if you don't much like rhubarb, you can add more of the syrup to your glass, and it brings out the berry flavor. Very nice.

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers are available from and next day delivery is available as a shipment option. Ingredients are wild hibiscus, sugar cane, and water. There are approximately 11 flowers in the 8.8 ounce jar.


Dec 20, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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 Sweet but very cool!

Inteersting idea! 


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M Dee Dubroff

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