A New Ramp Design Could Change How We Look At Cars

If you have ever been to a car dealership, you know they thrive off of marketing. And what better way to market a car than put it on a set of ramps so it stands out. They can make it look like it's climbing a mountain or just setting on a pedestal. However, they do have a few constraints, that is till RAMPBOSS introduced their design.

The new design has a few major benefits and lacks several major drawbacks seen with traditional ramp systems.

The most obvious is portability. You can't hold the weight of a car with paper, so we use metal (a slight bit heavier). The weight of a traditional apparatus makes it hard and sometimes impossible to move. The design from RampBoss has a weight of 800lbs.(1300lbs for the heavier duty design). It can easily be broken into it's 4 main parts in about 15 minutes and moved to another location on hand-trucks.

Space Saving DesignSpace Saving Design

Another drawback to older display ramps is lack of functionality. Both the V1 and V2 have fully independently controlled ramp beams. They can be adjusted to show extreme front or rear angles, shallower driver side and passenger side tilt and everything in-between.

RampBoss's design is also easily adjustable. They realized the usual weight distribution of newer cars is 60/40 (front/rear). They compensated for this by sliding the pivot point forward. Also, turnbuckles were installed to make adjusting the ramp beams easier. In fact, it can be done using only your hands, while your display car is still on the ramps. This can be used to emphasize a vehicles off-road capability or to show off aftermarket parts.

Full Forward TiltFull Forward Tilt

RampBoss also offers a custom build option. You can call in what kind of finish you prefer and even have an aluminum display build for even more portability. They can also do powder-coating finishes or nickel plating. All of which is covered by a standard 2 year warranty which covers all parts and anything pertaining to craftsmanship.

The V1 can hold up to 6,000 lbs, has a maximum track width of 72 inches and can support a wheelbase of 134inches. The larger V2 can support 9,000lbs on an 88 inch track width and a maximum wheelbase of 147 inches. All other information can be found at RampBoss's Specs Page .

Inside a DealershipInside a Dealership

The only thing RampBoss couldn't overcome was gravity. (When they do I'll be the first one in line to sit in the car they are using for advertising.) Nonetheless, they have changed the way we will be looking at cars when we are in the market for a new one.

Source : RampBoss

George Delozier
Motorized Innovations