New Rubber Compound Uses Self Lubrication to Keep Noise Down

One of the largest complaints of people living close to highways is the over abundance of noise from vehicles. While some of this can be attributed to engines, much of the noise is generated as a result of friction between your tires and the pavement. However, a newly developed rubber compound has been able to drastically reduce the amount of amount of noise generated between tire and tarmac.

The new compound was developed by Trelleborg, a company that specializes in polymer based acoustic materials, most of which are used in automotive applications. According the engineers at the company, the new rubber will reduce the amount of friction noise drastically, while simultaneously increasing the longevity of the part in question by up to 50%.

Much of the noise that enters the cabin of a vehicle while in motion comes from the tires and suspension components. This new compound uses a self lubrication system to reduce the vibrations, and therefore sound, of the components. This reduction in friction will also reduce the generation of heat and, in doing so; the amount of wear usually seen on components will drop as well.

Trelleborg is currently looking into the different applications for this new rubber compound and will be releasing more information soon.


Jul 11, 2009
by Anonymous

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