New Russian Water Purification Technology: Best in the World?

The name, Pyatigorsk, translates into “Five Mountains Town” and this small community which was founded in 1780, lies in the South of Stavropol region, nestled in the Northern Caucasus Mountains. Famous as a noted miner resort, the area has a formidable history as even during the days of tsarist Russia, royals and nobles would visit, drinking, bathing and relaxing in the recuperative mineral waters.


What are some of the details surrounding these mineral springs?


One of the oldest and most effective spas in Russia, this health resort is known for its mild climate, and supplies 50 different mineral springs of 5 diverse types. Pyatigorsk represents one of 116 historical towns that comprise the Russian Federation and it is now the cultural center of the region, preserving the memory of one of Russia’s greatest Russian poets, Mikhail Lermon.


What is the scientific basis for this new technology for water purification?

Capillary effect is a function which relates to the ability of a liquid to wet a particular material. Based on the law of water capillary lift, the smaller conductor’s diameter results in the higher water lift. Through the benefits reaped by various nanotechnologies, conductors can now provide tens of meters (more than 100 feet) of water lift. The true benefits of such technology concern the fact that it keeps the water molecules intact and no energy sources are required. Russian scientists working on this project received an award at the St. Petersburg XIV International Congress for their exhibition entitled: “High technologies. Innovations. Investments.”

It is hoped that the entire world will benefit from this technology.

Glass of water, anyone?