New "Safe to Sleep" Bundle Reassures New Parents

SafeToSleep(TM), the previous creators of the popular Sleep and Breathing Baby Montior designed for hospitals, has recently announced that the product is now available to consumers and retailers. Why should parents purchase this anti-SIDS device?

First, it is being sold in a bundle - and while it isn't the most affordable thing in the baby industry, it will give you an invaluable amount of assurance that your little one is as safe as possible. So, if you're willing to shell out $329, you will receive the SleepMat, Parent Unit, SleepMat Cover and instructions to download a smartphone app that monitors your baby's breating rhythm and heart rate. 

Prior to the release of SafeToSleep's consumer bundle, parents could choose etween video monitors or under-mattress movement sensors. A video monitor does little good when you're sleeping yourself, and mattress sensors are notorious for going off when baby is just fine - or ceasing to sound when they aren't. 

So how will the Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor be different? Theoretically, a device that monitors your baby's every breath and movement while allowing you to view it on your phone wherever you're at is pretty reassuring.  At the same time, the price tag may make it unavailble to many parents. 

SafeToSleep Baby MonitorSafeToSleep Baby Monitor

Finally, nothing is fool proof. Just like other SIDS-detecting devices, the Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor is prone to technical glitches, and may not deliver on all its promises. However as most new parents will agree - it's best to be equipped with the latest product available if it means peaceful nights for both you and your infant. 

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