New Samsung Android Watch Sighted

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung Galaxy Gear

New Android phones are hardly worthy of mention these days since there are so many, but when rumors appear that Samsung may be working on the most advanced Android watch we've seen so far, that tends to turn heads. The product is called the Samsung Galaxy Gear and is set to be released this coming week, according to insider sources at VentureBeat.

The watch looks like a fairly typical watch with a screen slightly bigger than you would expect, but under the hood it runs a highly customized version of Android. Most smart watches so far have only been able to run very specific functions and needed to pair with a phone in order to do anything else. There has been rumors that this would be the first watch to be totally independent, although GigaOM confirmed with their sources that this may not be the case. While the Galaxy Gear will be able to display and use many more apps than previous apps, it will still require a phone to tether to the Internet and to install new apps.

From what we know so far, this will be a 2.5" screen with an OLED display running a Samsung Exynos processor at 1.5GHz. It has built-in Bluetooth and NFC, allowing you to literally pay with your watch. There's a camera integrated inside the watch, a speaker and a microphone, and you can expect a full day of battery life. Don't expect miracles however. This is still a tiny screen, with no keyboard capability. You also won't be able to browse the web or do many of the typical tasks a phone would do, so this is no replacement quite yet.

Sep 4, 2013
by Anonymous

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