New Scale Makes Your Weight Public Knowledge

BodyTrace eScaleBodyTrace eScale

A new product called the BodyTrace eScale is designed to keep track of your weight loss efforts – by posting the results online for all to see.

BodyTrace Inc. has designed a scale that will wirelessly transmit your weight to the Internet. How is this helpful, you ask? Well, it may be a useful tool for those that are serious and motivated to lose weight.

By displaying one’s weight on the Internet, that may give them the encouragement they need in order to drop those pounds.

How does it work?

It took us over 2 years to put the product in your hand (under your feet), so it's really complicated. Basically it works like a cell phone but transmits only data such as your weight or battery power to our servers which we display in real-time on our Website.

It looks like the information is wirelessly uploaded to the BodyTrace website. From there you can talk with others that have also joined and get the daily motivation you need. Either that or you can make fun of each other for what the scale says.

Screenshot of BodyTrace WebsiteScreenshot of BodyTrace Website

“We hear promises about reaching weight loss goals every day, but most of these programs and systems are lacking real facts and figures. We are taking this to a whole new level where only measurable results count. Only hearing that a new weight loss tool works is history. Seeing that success on a chart, that is future. Our future,” said Gyula Borbely, the president of BodyTrace.

This product won't be available until November 2009, but you can preorder the eScale for $119. The subscription to the website will cost you an additional $19.99 for 3 months.


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