New Security Required in the People's Republic of Cycling

Bicycling criminals will have another thing to deal with come December 1st when bike makers in China begin to include serial numbers as an effort to cut down on bike robberies in the country.

Every single bike manufactured, including electrical ones, will have a 15-digit code that includes production date, manufacturer’s unique code, and a serial number not identical to any other. It will be linked to its specific purchaser and will be filled in on a form by all bicycle dealers. Further more, the dealers will be mandated to give the form over to police who will record the information into a database to help find the true homes of stolen bkes.

Cycling is popular in population-prone China: Source: http://voyage.typepad.comCycling is popular in population-prone China: Source:

While this pie in the sky anti-theft mentality is supported by some eager to see the high right of bicycle thefts reduced, others believe it will cause more of a problem than anything else. Selling a used bike will be made much more complicated with the system, and those riding used bikes will not have the same level of security and help from the police as those willing to put out money for a new one.

In either instance, the newly coded bikes will have their numbers engraved into the actual bicycle frame rather than on a license plate, making removal and/or disfigurement more difficult.

Source: China News

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