New Smart Fence Bars The Way For Bad Guys

From the USC Viterbi School of Engineering comes a new security system called Smart Fence that uses multiple detection platforms in order to differentiate between help and harm. 


The field of computational neuroscience is relatively recent, but it focuses on using science and technology to detect and interpret biological phenomena – in this case, bad guys trying to break and enter.


Using a trio of sensing devices, the USC team has created a system that allows for the detection of “spatiotemporal patterns of perimeter intrusion”; in other words, incidents that happen at particular times in particular locations and are of a particular type. The Smart Fence has been tested in the California desert near an Army testing ground and is slated for a trial run at the busy Panama City airport in late February.


In order to detect if perimeter objects are friend or foe, the Smart Fence relies on audio, visual and seismic information to determine just what is coming its way and why. At an airport, for example, the Fence can be programmed to ignore the stamping of feet and pushing of chain link when bystanders gather to watch a takeoff or landing, but set off an alarm if someone tries to scale or cut the fence.


Acoustic detectors in the system can be programmed to recognize certain sounds and ignore others, leading to far lower number of “false positives” than with a traditional alarm system. Over its 45 day trail, the Smart Fence had no reported false negatives or positives, even in the face of severe seasonal storms.


Intelligent detecting equipment is becoming a must as companies tighten their security budget belts and airport safety is increasingly viewed as a top priority, and the Smart Fence shows promise to deliver on all counts that matter.


The hope of the USC team is to have a stellar showing at Panama City and garner approval to begin sale of the Smart Fence to the TSA.


Source: PhysOrg

Jan 26, 2011
by Anonymous

Build these for the border.

Segment some sections in the US Mex border area & near power plants, chem plants, jails & prisons alone.
& then for Prison use, link to Mines or remote machine gun posts.