New “Smart” Ring Transfers Your Digital Business Card Via Handshake

Want a new way to exchange business cards without needing to actually carry them around? A company has developed a new way to "carry" your digital business card, which contains customizable personal information, inside of a normal-sized ring. The best part is that to exchange your digital business card with another person, all you do is shake their hand.
Shaking hands will automatically tranfer info between rings.Shaking hands will automatically tranfer info between rings.

Each ring syncs with a credit card-sized digital business card, and it will display a database of all of the people that you've exchanged information with - including personal info, phone numbers, address, date that you met this person, and all of this information is customizable. When two people wearing the special "smart" rings shake each other's hands, this information is transferred between the two rings. You then sync the ring with the digital business card to view this information on the card itself.
Digital business card syncs with the "smart" ringDigital business card syncs with the "smart" ring

Obviously, in order for this gadget to work, you need to supply some sort of power source to the ring. The makers of this "smart" ring have come up with an innovative and smart solution - the rings are powered by your body heat. No batteries required.
Place the ring at the designated spot on the digital business card to view database of people that you've met.Place the ring at the designated spot on the digital business card to view database of people that you've met.

There's no doubt that little gadget is cool and most business travelers would probably agree, but there is an obvious drawback to this new technology. The whole system will not work unless both people are wearing the rings. So until the idea of "smart" rings which transfer digital information by handshake becomes widespread in the business world, these digital business cards are pretty much worthless. I'd love to see this technology take off though!

Source: Waylou via Michelle and Steve - Thanks guys!

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Jan 16, 2008
by Lex G (not verified)

Nice idea, but I don't know ...

Almost everybody carries a mobile phone nowadays and conditional data exchange technology (like when you walk into a room for example) already exists ...

I really believe that's the future .. though I like the rings concept ... it's quite cool I must say ...

Lex - - web entrepreneur's blog

Jan 31, 2008
by Kathleen L (not verified)

Needs a Boost

I agree with Lex that this is really great technology - if you can get everyone using them. The best solution to this seems like the company would hook up with a conference or two (or a hundred) and get everyone at the conference on board with it and go from there. I'd love to see these widely used in the future!

Feb 11, 2008
by Groupie (not verified)

This looks fascinating...but

This looks fascinating...but powered by body heat? How? And how expensive would these be likely to be?

Mar 5, 2008
by Anonymous


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