New Sneakers May Cause Puffy Hair

According to Adidas, ClimaCool is "a combination of performance fabrics, open mesh and ventilation channels [that] keep cool air flowing in while heat and sweat flow out."  This is integrated into their 2009 line of ClimaCool athletic shoes.

This being the case, their new ad campaign is... very windy.

Within seconds his fabulous hair was ruinedWithin seconds his fabulous hair was ruined

I get the "ventilation" idea.  These shoes are supposed to keep you cool while working out.  Even if you're a non-sweating male model with thick, flowing hair.  Granted, the model above has been sprayed down with a "sheen" to look like he was sweating.  But check him out when he gets to the water fountain:

If you're thirsty, stand on the other side.If you're thirsty, stand on the other side.

No sweat to be seen.  Just lustrous hair and a goofy look.

And what's up with the hurricane in the gym.  Does it smell like foot odor?  I suppose it would be nice (possibly even with the smell) to have gale force winds ripping through the aisles of weight machines and treadmills.

I would strongly advise any male models with fine, intricate, man-scaped hair to avoid these shoes as they will cause your hair to go puffy.


It's gonna take forever for this guy to get his hair fixed for his next modeling job!

I do hope these shoes work, though not in a cyclonic manner.  If they do, I may just get a pair.  But the ad campaign... a bit over blown.

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