New Soccer Shoes For Tough Players Have A Soft Side

Japan's Blue Samurai soccer team has already exceeded expectations at the 2010 FIFA World Cup; imagine how much better they'd do wearing Mizuno's new Super Sonic Wave SP soccer shoes!

Anyone watching the World Cup has to be impressed by the way the players control the ball, sending and receiving pinpoint passes as if both the ball and their shoes were magnetized. It takes split-second reflexes to ensure a soccer ball decelerates instantly as it hits your foot - if it bounces off, the other team gets a big break.

Mizuno Super Sonic Wave SP soccer shoes feature a special cushioning pad built into each shoe's instep that dulls the impact of an incoming soccer ball by up to 60 percent. Players typically use their insteps to stop the ball so the less possibility of a rebound from that area, the better. Mizuno calls the specially formulated foam padding FTS, which stands for Feather Touch Sponge.  

Mizuno's engineers also looked at the sole of the shoe, specifically the studs that give players traction on the field. While grip is important, spiked shoes aren't always comfortable to run in - and top level soccer players do a lot of running over the course of a 90-minute game. The "GT studs" on the soles of the Super Sonic Wave SP feature bladed side extensions; striking the perfect compromise between stability and comfort.

Priced at 18,900 yen ($210) per pair, Mizuno Super Sonic Wave SP soccer shoes come only in blue with white & red trim and the official retail introduction is scheduled for July 10th. Online and international buyers should check out Rakuten, who are offering the shoes at a 25 percent discount (14,400 yen or $160) and will begin processing orders on June 29th. (via Japan Today and Mizuno)