New Sony Ericsson Phone for Camera Fanatics

For some people, taking high-quality pictures is the main feature they'd use on their cell phone (after talking, of course). Sony Ericsson's new K770 Cyber-shot phone may offer the best in this category so far.

Announced last Tuesday, the Cyber-shot phone is aiming for the photograph-loving consumer. It claims it can take pictures with as high-quality (3.2 megapixels) as a digital camera, and even includes an LED photo light for indoor pictures and video.

Here are some of the other new features of the 770 Cyber-shot:

Editing: The "Photo Fix" option lets you alter lighting and other properties of your newly taken photo, all from your cell.

Photo album: Store up to 200 photos on the 256 MB memory card. The 1.9-inch screen also lets the phone serve as a photo album itself.

Transferring: Upload photos to your personalized online gallery via USB. Or use a direct cell-to-printer hookup (PictBridge) to print your pictures without a PC up to A4 size (about 11.5 inches by 8 inches).

Ease of use: To take a picture, just slide open the lens cover. The screen becomes the viewfinder, and the keys become shortcuts to key camera functions, such as lighting and size.

Music: An essential feature to any phone, you can listen to music with a built-in media player or FM radio.

All this on a 14.5 mm (a little over half an inch)-thick cell phone, and the Cyber-shot may let you leave your bulky camera behind the next time you leave your house. The phone will be available in fall 2007, but there is no word yet about the price.

Lisa Zyga
Science Blogger