A New "Spin" On Common Amusement

This Christmas Give A Garden of ExplorationThis Christmas Give A Garden of ExplorationAdults are rarely satisfied with old-fashioned conveniences these days, so why should you expect your baby to be impressed with the same humdrum toys? As cognitive science continues to reveal the quirks and joys of babyhood, the Lamaze company has come up with an innovative toy for little ones.

Based on the concept of the basic floor activity mat, the Spin and Explore Garden Gym gets your baby's interests peaked for playtime on a mat absolutely packed with color and amusements. The center of the mat features a spinning ladybug, padded for comfort and just waiting for little tummies to support. Babies are able to spin themselves atop the ladybug, rotating them around the activity mat for a full sensory experience. Lamaze's Garden Play MatLamaze's Garden Play Mat

Designed to develop lower and upper body strength, exploring the patterns can be fun from a horizontal spin, or you can kick out the ladybug with the removable swivel seat. This doubles the value of your purchase since the mat can hold baby's interest even after he outgrows tummy time.

You can find the Spin and Explore Garden Gym at Amazon.

Tamara Warta
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