A New Spin On Laundry: Brought To You By Laundry Locker

San Francisco's always on the cusp of new, modern trends and when it comes to laundry, this is no exception. I know what you're thinking, laundry? Trendy? Well, it may not win you any prizes for coolness, but the idea is definitely an innovative one.

It's a typical laundry service based on most factors; it offers next day delivery, can accommodate special needs relating to cycle temperatures; accommodating special soap requirements, provides a complete wash-and-fold service and other features that I won't bore you with. What makes Laundry Locker different can probably be inferred by its name; laundry ready for cleaning is dropped off in a locker.

Lockers are available in apartment and condominium buildings around the city, so that people don't even need to leave home to have their laundry serviced. Buildings that don't have lockers currently installed can have them added easily at the request of a landlord. People who live in single family homes won't have their laundry neglected either, since there are kiosks available for drop off in lockers around the city.

Lockers are available at every location in two varieties; the classic laundry locker and the dry cleaning version, which is roomier and allows for clothes to be hung up upon return. The laundry lockers on the other hand require that clothing, dirty or clean, be placed in personalized laundry bags, or pillow cases for those first time clients.

Billing for Laundry Locker's services take place after clothes have been returned. An email is sent to the client which requests payment online through their website, and fees are based on the weight of the clothes; with a minimum of $15 USD. Dry cleaning charges are typical a-la-carte style.

Laundry Locker also uses their website to learn about their clients' specific requirements through the creation and management of individual profiles. Users of their services can select their detergent, wash cycle, drying temperature and fabric softener preferences. Of course, they can't offer hang drying in the space of the locker, but clients can opt to have their clothes delivered wet.
















When you think about it; Laundry Locker's services aren't so different from typical laundry delivery businesses; however, it is more convenient in that clients don't need to be home when the staff member comes around for pickup. However, the spin they put on laundry is enough to make them stand out from their competition.