New Spin on Skating: The Stepboard


The Stepboard designed by Nicolás Chacana is an interesting cross between a scooter and a skateboard. The board is powered by a step motion which sets the gear-based drivetrain into motion. Simply pump with your foot and you'll ride forward. Braking is done by a hand-brake mechanism, which isn't explained very well in the concept description.  

Unfortunately "interesting" is about the only positive thing to say about this design. The giant rear wheels and tiny front wheel look extremely unstable and difficult to operate. It looks like it's ready to go off course and run into the nearest tree at any moment. Indeed, the Stepboard has been described as "not a speed-monster and it doesn’t boast precise maneuverability."

In that case, what exactly does it do well besides starting a conversation or two? Even the step motion, the very basis of the design, looks like it'd tip the rider's weight so far back that he'd go flying as the board rocketed out from under him.

Oh well, it may not be the next big sport at the X-Games, but it is interesting to look at.

Via: Yanko Design