Medical Study Says: If You Can't Run, Shake!


Body vibration machine - Shake it 'til you make it!Body vibration machine - Shake it 'til you make it!There's a rumor that Americans want to read more books in 2013 and that goal is first on our New Year's resolutions lists. I suspect that rumor was started by an organization of book publishers. Don't believe it. Americans are even fatter this year than they were at this time last year, and I'm betting that 'losing weight' is still at the top of most of our lists.

For many who are obese, health problems may keep them from achieving their goals through diet and exercise regimens. But new excercise research shows that 'shaking' may improve the immune systems of obese individuals until they can undertake more strenuous exercise.

"Shaky intervention" are the words playfully used by Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal, which recently came out with a study showing that low-intensity vibrations led to improvements in the immune systems of mice compromised by obesity. 

To reach this discovery, Clinton Rubin and his colleages from Stony Brook University Department of Biomedical Engineering fed a high fat diet to adult mice for seven months to make them obese. At this time, the researchers found high numbers of B- and T-cells in their blood, indicating severely decreased immune systems.  Additionally, the mice were found to have significant amouts of bone loss.

A subgroup of the obese mice were given daily 15-minute bouts of vibration intervention in amounts barely perceptable to humans and, in these mice, both immune and skeletal deficiencies were restored almost to the level of the non-obese control group.

Rubin and his colleagues theorize that small vibrations of the body's muscles will help restore the ability of obese people to diet and exercise more actively. "If it works out in people," Weissmann writes, "low intensity vibration could be a relatively cheap way of helping obese folks regain health without drugs - until they lose weight by diet and exercise."

(The author admits to using a body vibration machine just to feel good!)

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source: EurekAlert, FASEB


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