New System To Help Agitated Traffic Put It In Park

In an effort to curb road rage and get drivers up onto amedian of potential satisfaction, the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain hascreated a system that not only detects open parking spaces, but transmits their location information to properly equipped vehicles.

Called XALOC (Xarxesde sensors per a la gestió d'Aparcaments públics i LOCalització), effectivelymeaning “network of sensors to quiet the storm of rage” – ok, it does mean“network of sensors”, but after that the translation gets a bit fuzzy – thesystem is designed create a map of unoccupied parking spaces within a city andkeep it updated in real-time.

By using technology that isactually better than tried-and-true GPS, at least for city applications, theteam led by José López Vicario and Antoni Morell hopes to eliminate theconstant “round and round she goes” mentality that many drivers find themselvestrapped in when a parking spot cannot be located.

Just one more time around the block…

Just one more time around the block…

XALOC can help you find this spot: It cannot help you parallel park in it.XALOC can help you find this spot: It cannot help you parallel park in it. 

XALOC uses a system of wireless sensorslocated on the ground that detect if a parking space is open. If it is, information about its free and clear status is sent to a network center so that it can be displayed onparking standards in the area in real time.

As well, the system offers personalized service directly to cars in the form of the ARID Navigator. Thisoptional vehicle device first identifies the car’s position and then scans fornearby open parking spaces. Once it is locked and loaded, it reports not onlyhow many empty spots are in the area but exactly where they are.

According to the UAB team the ARIDand XALOC systems produce results more quickly than GPS, and with a greaterarea of coverage.

If this works as advertised, itcould go a long way to mitigating what is known as “agitated traffic”, whichsnarls up smooth vehicle flow in urban centers.

With luck, it will also limit theamount of bile-fueled rage and gratuitous horn honking which occurs when “that guy” takes your parking spot.

You know.

That guy.

Source: EurekAlert 


Jul 7, 2010
by Anonymous


...they've had that for years in America. At the Westfield Century City Mall there are red or green lights above every spot so you can see from across the lot which ones are open. And you don't need a $1,000 device added to every car in the world.

Jul 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for worldwide

Re adapt & make cheaper for Urban use IE Boston, Newport Bch CA, Irvine CA,
Wash DC, NYC, Hilo HI, Kona HI, Denver, Vic BC, Toronto, Bronx NY, Miami etc.

Must for citywide/

Give Urban Test in LA CA away from malls or use Huge malls like MALL OF AMERICA in MN.