New Tire Technology Could Provide Real Time Data While You Drive

Your tires are the only contact point between you and the road. While this is a simple fact of driving, many people seem to forget that the entire weight of the vehicle rests on 4 small patches of rubber, and depending on how and where you are driving, those tiny contact points can change quite a bit. A partnership between Magneti Marelli, Brembo and Pirelli has recently formed to conquer these changes and provide the driver with real time information about how the tires are behaving on the road.

The project, named Cyber Tire, will use sensors molded into the tread of the tire and a series of transponders and receives mounted on the vehicle. While you are driving, real time data about the topology of the road, tire pressure and air temperature will be recoded and sent to a computer to be compiled with other data.

Research and development will continue for a while before we ever see these on the road, but when they do reach production they could easily change how everyone looks at their tires.