Nightlife for the Nine-to-Fivers

A growing business trend allows even those with strenuous careers and familial obligations to get into the nightlife scene, while still getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

The Gladstone Hotel's ‘Granny Boots' and the ‘After Work Party' events happening in Belgium, know that as we get older, our day-to-day responsibilities often make us regret nights spent out late partying.

So what do we do? Many of us opt out, settling instead for a quiet dinner at home. Others choose a quick after work drink at a local bar or pub. Some push better judgment aside, and groggily state "never again" when the kids come knocking at 6am on a Saturday morning.

Some entrepreneurs got smart and came up with an alternative for the nine-to-five, baby toting crowd so the unfortunate above scenarios no longer come into play. Hence the origin of the ‘Granny Boots' and ‘After Work Party' events.


The Gladstone Hotel, located in the convenient location of 1214 Queen Street West, in Toronto, Canada asks "Do you remember when you used to be able to go to bars?" and presents their 'Granny Boots' event every Wednesday so that the working stiffs still can. At 7:30pm, the party gets started, so even those slaving away in their busy downtown offices can hang up their suit jackets and get in on the action.


Not only do the weekly DJs start spinning substantially earlier in the Melody Bar of the Gladstone, when compared to the typical nightclub, but they'll even send you packing by 10:00pm. Perfect for a nine-to-fiver who wants to get out and hit the dance floor without regretting it on Thursday morning. After all, as they state, you'll be home by 11:00pm, right on time to watch Law and Order and hit the hay.

Bart Van Orshoven's ‘After Work Parties' start earlier and end later, to accommodate both the early risers and the night owls. You will not find an empty club if you show up at the 7pm opening time, unlike at many other places, because the party will already be in full swing.

If you feel like you need a little sleep deprivation in your life or have no big plans for the next day that stem beyond lounging in bed with an Advil and tall glass of water; unlike at the Gladstone the activity doesn't stop until 1:00am. While this is arguably still much earlier than many other popular clubs, it does keep you going well into the night. ‘After Work Parties' are kept fresh each and every time, hosted in different venues with various features. You will have to visit the site to find out more, but good luck if you don't speak Dutch (I think...but I can tell you it's not English).

The smart entrepreneurs who decided it was time to finally create an opportunity to profit from the typical working and family types have definitely been seeing green since these nightclub events got started. Yet another fine example of businesses established by capturing an open market.


Nov 20, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Thanks for your comment. I

 Thanks for your comment. I would have to agree that while most may be young adults...that may be because the nightlife market targets this group. Events such as these, which cater to all demographics, may bring people of all age groups out to the clubs.

We also may not see the economy affecting these particular businesses in the same way, since unfortunately the recession seems to be hitting the US the hardest; Canada and Europe seem to be better off. 

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer