New Trollz Dolls Designs Head Toward Trollop Town

Trollz used to be ugly little things with wild hair, big mouths, big eyes and a scrunchy little bodies. The next generation of Trollz dolls have kept the hair but changed just about everything else. Trollops ahoy!

In a "we remember that because we're old enough moment", the thought of writing about Trollz dolls immediately brought back specific memories of how these dolls were put together. They were ugly and they liked it - wearing sack-like clothing and with cute if not exactly winning faces. The best thing about them, of course, was their hair. It could be braided or styled, spiked up or pressed down and could be used to quickly achieve a high degree of spin in order to launch Trollz across the room at an unsuspecting sibling.

Now, Trollz are getting an update, one that changes everything but the hair.

Suddenly, Trollz are young, stylish women wearing trendy clothes and with noticeable curves. They're not busty, but they're unquestionably more female that the original Trollz that we all knew and loved. The giant hair still exists, but more in the context of "stylishly mussed" rather than "shocking neon monstrosity". While the wide eyes and big smiles remain, they give the new dolls more of an "I'm not quite that innocent" look.

There are boy Trollz as well - a whole Troll universe in which to play, in fact - something the makers no doubt thought long and hard about before revamping the toys.

At the end of the day, Trollz haven't completely crossed into Trollop land but they're definitely on their way. Perhaps for a younger generation these wild-haired creatures will hold a great deal of appeal but we can't help missing the originals. They were ugly, but dammit, they were unique.

Looking for the new Trollz brand? You can get it at Amazon. (or Ebay, if you want a classic)

Source: Trollz 

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