New Cell Phone Jammers: To Jam or Not To Jam

Cell phone jammers are not a new invention but one of importance according to countless sites where they are featured as a popular or hot selling item. Most of the time they are used in a manner that is appropriate but of course there are some people who abuse the power of these little gadgets.

One of the newest Jammers to hit the scene is known as the "Portable GPS Jammer Cell Phone Signal Blocker" more specifically the GMT 10 model, manufactured by Tayx Ltd. I chose this specific product because it has taken all jammers to the next level of technology.

What is a Cell Phone Jammer?

Courtesy of Tayx LtdCourtesy of Tayx Ltd

These devices work by transmitting a low signal to cut off interaction between the cell stations and the cell phones. The jamming starts and stops on command with no long term damage. As a matter of fact, many facilities and institutions actually do this on purpose to avoid loud interruptions such as theatres, government buildings, courtrooms, museums, etc.

The new GMT 10 is a little more advanced. Tayx describes one of the aspects as "ultra portability". The design and size make it easy to conceal. A few of the other qualities include: a back-up battery already built into the device for convenience, these particular jammers can be used from your car and can be directly plugged in to your lighter chamber, and finally another perk is that it can block all phone networks, GPS, wi/fi and even bluetooth signals.

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Use

There are several places where it is a serious danger if cell phone signals are present so I can completely understand a facility's choice to regulate cell phone frequencies by this means. Like factories with flammable liquids or gasses. Have you ever seen the warning signs at the gas pumps that tell you NOT to pump gas while on cell phone? The reason is simple; certain signals can spark a fire and ignite the gas.

And, for the record, I absolutely can not stand it when people have their cell phones on at the movie theatre, planetariums, and in fine dining restaurants. So, those of you in management that have made the executive decision to stop this rudeness using jammers I applaud you! I consider all of these to be appropriate.

Okay, then there is the inappropriate use (no matter how incredibly funny it might be at the time). Jammers shouldn't be used on the obnoxious teen driver ahead of you who is paying more attention gabbing with her cell phone in one hand and flipping her hair with the other. Yep, the girl who completely forgot that she only has TWO hands and at least one of them should be on the wheel. It might not be a wise idea to use a cell phone jammer on her because as she starts cussing and screaming and shaking the phone as if it is going yell "Mercy!" and begin working, she might cause an accident.

Or how about when a snotty rich suit is standing in front of you at the grocery store. The guy who proceeds to tell the checker to wait until he gets done on the phone while everyone in line has to wait for him. Jamming his frequency would only make the line longer and more impatient... although it would serve him right wouldn't it?

Ya know, second thought, maybe there isn't any ‘wrong' way to use it... go ahead have fun!

Jun 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Its illegal

In the United States, these things are 100% illegal, because it prevents someone from being able to dial 911 off a cell phone. If the device is used and the FCC finds out, expect a hefty fine.

Jun 30, 2008
by Manda Spring

So true.....

That is very true, but people still do use them not only in the U.S. but in other areas of the globe that do not have restrictions. The manufacturer of this product is a China based company and delivers pretty much everywhere. Thanks for your comment! I always appreciate the feedback.

Jul 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Phone Jammers

This is one of those things that can be used by the "good guys" and the "bad guys" both. Sort of a double edged sword.

Jul 18, 2008
by Manda Spring

You said it...

But, that is true with almost everything technology related these days.

Jul 25, 2008
by Anonymous

A rapist's wet-dream

Subject aside, I have one... two, actually. One for when I go out dining, the other, a higher-power mobile version, for that inconsiderate driver described above. Though, I must say, jamming an inconsiderate/unsafe driver does not have the intended consequence. Instead of putting it away, and driving normally, they move the phone from their ear to in front of their face, sweeping side to side to check signal - all the while driving. It really makes a bad situation worse.

Where it is helpful is at a red light. When I see a soccer mom on the phone talking with both hands, I know she will not go when the light is green. One press of my 'bye-bye' button, and focus on driving is resumed.

These are a lot of fun, but clearly there is no legitimate use. Even in movie theaters and churches, as someone who pays a lot of $$ to my cell provider, I expect it to work everywhere. If it doesn't I (and the carrier) is being ripped off.

Jul 26, 2008
by Manda Spring

Thank you for commenting

Very good point!

Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous


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