New Video Game Releases: Week 10, 2011

March 8 of 2011 doesn't just mark a fantastic week for video games but it's also International Women's Day! Celebrate this event by clocking out of the office early to spend some quality time with your family. And while you're at it, why don't you drop by the video game store to pick up some of this week's hottest picks?

Yoostar2: In The Movies

Literally be a star in Yoostar2: In The Movies. The original Yoostar consisted of a full video gaming system that included its very own green screen and video camera that enabled players to act out and record actual scenes from movies and television shows and insert themselves into the video itself. This new version of Yoostar is slated for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles. The game comes with a social portal that allows you to share your videos to friends and family on Facebook and MySpace. Here's more about Yoostar2: In The Movies:

"Yoostar2 brings the magic and fun of Hollywood to your living room. Using your Kinect for Xbox 360 or your PlaystationEye, you can insert yourself into famous movie and TV scenes, starring alongside or in place of your favorite actors. Perform the lines as written, or improvise and deliver your own improvisation. After you've finished, Yoostar scores your performance, and you can upload your scene to Yoostar2's in-game social portal, PS Network, Xbox 360 Live, and Facebook. Yoostar2 is a fantastic party game that will appeal to both hardcore and casual players.

Yoostar2 comes with 50 Movie Scenes, 10 Hollywood Sets and 20 Video Backgrounds, with hundreds more scenes available for purchase and download in the online store. The Yoostar2 library includes: current hits like The Hangover, Tropic Thunder, Meet The Fockers, 300 and Kick Ass; modern classics like The Godfather and Rocky; all-time classics like Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz; popular TV shows such as Star Trek, Mad Men, and CSI."


Torchlight is a role-playing action game that is set in a fictional town from which the title of the game is derived from. The game was released for the PC last October 2009 but this week sees the game's debut on the Xbox Live Arcade. You enter as the lone hero who delves deep into the core of the town's mines to extinguish the evil that exists at its very root. Here's more information about the game:

"This hack-and-slash adventure is set in the mining settlement of Torchlight, a town founded on the discovery of a rare and mysterious ore called Ember. This valuable ore has the power to enchant and corrupt but its value is such that many are willing to risk their lives for it. Now, miners have uncovered Torchlight’s buried past: a dangerous labyrinth of caverns, monsters, and ruined civilizations beneath the ground that have been corrupted by Ember’s dark influence. As Evil threatens to overrun the town, a Champion is needed. Players will have the opportunity to save the town of Torchlight, battling through rock and fire, through lost cities, and across ancient tombs on a perilous journey to cleanse the mines. As one of three Character Classes, Players will explore randomly generated dungeon levels, battle a huge variety of monsters, and pursue endless variations of fame and fortune."