New Video Game Releases: Week 11, 2011

This week is a pretty exciting one for video games with a lot of new titles being lined up and slated for release. Dance the night away (and burn some calories while you're at it) with Dance on Broadway. If you're purely in it for the exercise then why don't you pick up Fit in Six for the Wii? Experience the adventure from the book Beastly in its official game or take a chance shooting down real beasts in God Eater Burst. Lastly, immerse yourself in some RPG fun with Okamiden or take on a more daring role as a member of a criminal underground gang in Yakuza 4.


First, it was a book. Then they announced that it was going to be turned into a movie. And now you can live out the story yourself in the Beastly video game made for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Experience the story of Kyle Kingson as he fights against time to find someone to love lest he remain "beastly" forever. Here's more about the game from the developers:

"Beastly - the game - is an innovative interactive experience for the Nintendo Wii. Witness the events of the movie from your own perspective. Playing a student from the same school as the movie's main characters, you will visit famous locations in real time 3D, play fun mini games, collect pictures and interact with everyone through a social network interface.

  • 7 3D environments from the movie
  • 14 mini-games
  • Make friends with the movie character on the Academy’s social network
  • Collect pictures, biographies and movie clips
  • You are not re-playing the movie scene by scene, you are living the story with your own character."

Dance on Broadway

Put on those dancing shoes and get ready to dance! Dance on Broadway for the Nintendo Wii will have you dancing up a storm in no time with over twenty broadway-themed choreographies lined up for you. Belt out the most well-known show tunes in history with the on-screen lyrics and amp up the fun by inviting some friends over so you can perform a hit musical together. Here's more about the game:

"Dance on Broadway is the Wii dance game that puts you center stage performing some of the biggest Broadway hits right at home. Dance, sing, and act to hit songs from your favorite musical performances, like 'You Can’t Stop the Beat', 'Fame', and 'Luck Be A Lady'- just to name a few. Play requires only one Wii Remote per player allowing you to challenge up to three friends or family members in four-player battles for the lead in 20 Broadway hits. Get your jazz hands ready for Dance on Broadway.


  • Perform 20 authentic Broadway-style choreographies from the most beloved showtunes, including ‘Cabaret’, ‘My Favorite Things’, ‘Dreamgirls’, ‘Roxie’, and many more!
  • Perform exciting duets and challenge up to four friends for the high score spotlight.
  • Includes musicals that appeal to all ages, whether you ‘Let the Sunshine In’ or croon ‘Lullaby of Broadway’.
  • Challenge yourself to dance your very best AND sing along to the on-screen lyrics for a full performance.
  • A workout in disguise, ‘Dance on Broadway’ will get you moving to the beat as you burn calories while having fun!"


Immerse yourself in a world of color and adventure in this sequel to Okami, Capcom's hit game: Okamiden. Pick up where the original game left off but play with a whole host of new features that will make your gaming experience even better. If the adorable graphics and impressive art fail to impress you then let the fantastic gameplay convince you to get the game. Here's more about Okamiden:

"Ōkamiden is a picturesque action adventure game for the Nintendo DS and DSi. Taking place a few months after the events of the original game, Ōkami, Ōkamiden follows the adventures of Chibiterasu - a young sun god who is summoned to protect the land. Following in the footsteps of its parent Amaterasu, the sun-god-turned-wolf in Ōkami, Chibiterasu takes the form of an adorable wolf pup for the mission ahead. Chibiterasu joins forces with a rich cast of characters to fight off a new threat that has leeched the world of its vibrant color again. Beyond the battles, Chibiterasu and buddies comes to realize their inner potential and accept the kinship that comes with being the children of great heroes and gods.

Key Game Features:

  • Canvas and Brush - The touch screen and stylus of the Nintendo DS are the ideal tools to simulate Ōkamiden's trademark celestial brush.
  • Partner-Up - Using the in-game Partner System, players can join forces with new characters in the game, each possessing unique abilities that will help Chibiterasu defeat enemies and conquer puzzles.
  • Striking Visuals - The beauty of the highly stylized Japanese calligraphy and scroll paintings are depicted in pixel-perfect handheld glory.
  • Dynamic Action - Employ brush techniques learned from various celestial deities and Power Slash, Bloom, and battle a diverse lineup of monsters and demons rooted in Japanese folklore.
  • Interactive Puzzles - Draw bridges into existence, transverse canyons, and connect winding paths through space by using the Celestial Brush and the abilities of Chibiterasu's partners.
  • Compelling Narrative - Ōkamiden tells an amazing story that is both morally impactful and fun. With a complex mix of themes like friendship, responsibility and love between parent and child, players are promised a memorable experience that will be appreciated for its depth, humor, and universal truths."

God Eater Burst

Let's transition from whimsical gaming to hard-hitting monster action, and fast. God Eater Burst has made waves in Japan since late last year but the game has finally landed on the shores of North America this week. Take on the role as a young warrior and complete over a hundred missions to defeat the Aragami beasts once and for all. Read on for more information about the game:

"God Eater Burst is a fast-paced survival action game that allows players to defeat and devour legions of hostile gods, called Aragami. Players will command the God Arc, a powerful weapon able to transform instantly in combat from sword, gun, and predator form which allows them to absorb the powers of the terrifying Aragami. Players can customize and create their own truly unique character, weapons, items and bullets. Experience an unparalleled narrative in single player or with up to four friends in coop gameplay to help humanity survive in this desolate world.


  • Freely customize weapons, guns, bullets, and shields to increase your chance at survival
  • Over 225 exciting missions and 47 enemy types ranging from fearsome ogres to beautiful and demonic nymphs
  • Over 90 cut scenes illustrate the dramatic story of human survival in this desolate post apocalyptic world
  • Master the awesome God Arc, a fearsome weapon capable of shifting into a sword for melee combat, a gun for long-ranged battle, and "predator form" to acquire the skills of your opponents/enemies
  • Abosorb the powers of the Aragami with your weapon's "predator form" and gain a special bullets to launch a super powerful attack
  • Engage in fast-paced battles against gigantic beasts by yourself or with other members of Fenrir, an elite task force charged with doing everything possible to save humanity
  • Team with up to four people via PSP Ad-hoc to take down legions of hostile Aragami"

Fit in Six

Now this is where video games take exercising to a whole new level. Fit in Six features six ways in which you can work out and burn those daily calories in order to maintain a fit and healthy body. This interactive program is a great way to lose some weight and keep fit right in your very own home. Here's more about the Fit in Six:

"Unlock the power of the six elements of fitness! Cardio, Balance, Upper Body Strength, Lower Body Strength, Core Strength, and Flexibility are the key building blocks in physical fitness. By breaking down exercises into these elements, Fit in Six helps you get fit and reach your goals. Fit in Six workouts are individually tailored, and can be expanded through included and downloadable workouts, keeping you involved and motivated - you can even use your own tunes, combined with synchronized animations and music to the beat.


  • Enjoy full-length workouts without interruptionm and choose from different fitness goals to get the exact workout you need. Evaluate your fitness level across multiple categories and tune your workout accordingly.
  • Clearly illustrated instructions are explained verbally and visually. Also get your fitness tests and workout achievements visualized in motivating statistics.
  • Music, animations, and speech are timed precisely, so you always know you're on track.
  • Use your Ubisoft camera for Wii to see yourself next to your virtual trainer, allowing you to easily get into a workout flow."

Yakuza 4

Round up this week's releases is Yakuza 4, the latest installment in a highly successful series that takes you back to the streets of Tokyo. Lose yourself in this exciting adventure game filled with numerous cultural elements that will have you weaving in and out of the Japanese criminal underworld in search of the truth. Here's more information about this game:

"Yakuza 4 picks up the story of Yakuza 3 one year later and takes the player back to Tokyo. The story starts when a man is shot to death in the ruling territory of the Tojo Clan, the organization that has featured in all games in the series to date. A small gang which belongs to Tojo Clan try to establish what happened and their leader is soon found stabbed to death. These events cause a heated battle between four men over money, power, status and honor. The truth becomes apparent as the lies, betrayals and entwined stories are revealed and when these 4 unflinching men get together, the new legend of Kamurocho is born.


  • Get lost in the infamous "sin-city district" of Tokyo, re-created with incredible detail. Walk and fight in back alleys, main streets, city rooftops and underground areas. Enter bars, restaurants, apartments and more.
  • Discover and experience Tokyo's adult nightlife. Enjoy hostess bars, karaoke pickup bars, massage parlors, and pachinko palaces. Deep list of western and Japanese branded products.
  • And much more: Video Arcades, Gentlemen's Club, Golf & Bowling, Batting Cages, Pool & Darts, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Table Tennis and even harbor fishing.
  • Experience a deep and twisting crime story where you play all four characters.
  • Take on all challengers with a deeper fighting system and new street chases."

Choose from fitness and lifestyle to serious hardcore RPG gaming from this week's latest releases. What titles will you be picking up? Let us know!


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