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Scosche Industries, innovator of mobile electronics and iPod accessories since 1980 has recently announced its release of their solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone. Scosche calls the, handsfree talking while driving and solar-powered combined, device the solChat. So it is safe and powered by the sun.

The solChat powers up its lithium ion battery from an integrated solar panel. The solar panel is on the back of the device. The solChat is engineered for easy use and has integrated voice technology. The integrated voice technology takes user step by step through the initially speakerphone sync up with other solChat users set up. "Once set up, the solChat will automatically pair with users' phones when they are in range and set up for the sync. When phones are out of range, the device automatically powers down to save its battery life." There is no need for the user to sync on and off manually.

In addition, solChat's integrated voice technology has the power to announce calls to users as they come in. There is no need to look away from the road to look at a display. So, if you are driving and a call comes in, the solChat will announce the call and all you need to do is decide to answer it or not. To make it even safer for users to use the solChat while driving the solChat has been designed with only three visible buttons. The large top center button allows users to answer or hang up a call. The two smaller buttons to the sides are used to turn the volume up or down. That's it.

All Scosche needs to do now is make solChat a little greener by adding a recycling program into the mix so users can send in their solChat when replacing it with an updated version. Maybe Scosche can create a recycling program for all Scosche gadgets.

Interested? The solChat is selling at just under $100. It comes with a USB cable, car adapter (for powering at night, rain days, dark clouds, etc), windshield suction cup mount and sun visor clip. For more information about solChat and where to buy it visit or Amazon

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