New Wi Fi To Provide Simplified Connection Between Devices


The Wi Fi Alliance, an industry association composed of a variety of tech companies, announced a new Wi Fi specification that promises to make connecting devices with each other and the Internet easier than ever. Devices with the new Wi Fi specification called Wi Fi Direct will be able to recognize and wirelessly connect to each other without a router, enjoying existing Wi Fi data transfer speeds. Connection can be done between two devices or by a group. This will make it easier for wireless users to log onto the Internet and will limit the need for home and office routers. With the addition of Wi Fi Direct, devices can now serve as their own hot spots.

While Wi Fi Direct appears like a great advance for consumers, it could have a negative impact on other technologies. Bluetooth, in particular, could be affected, as Wi Fi Direct will offer the same function of wirelessly connecting devices such as computers, headsets and phones together, essentially making Bluetooth and Wi Fi on a device redundant. The need for routers will also be diminished. 

The Wi Fi Alliance will begin certifying devices for Wi Fi Direct in the middle of next year. According to a report by Business Week, the Wi Fi Alliance is using the new spec to push Wi Fi technology into new segments including television, where it could be used to transfer digital photos and video from Wi Fi-enabled devices such as cameras and computers. Users of many existing Wi Fi-enabled devices will be able to access Wi Fi Direct via a software upgrade. 

Via: Wi Fi Alliance and GadgetCrave