New Wireless Lighting Technology Cuts Energy Costs by up to 60%

Not only will this new lighting technology save on actual energy costs, but it will also save companies money by not having to wire their entire buildings, because the system is wireless. Right now, this technology is aimed at office buildings and larger companies who already have very high energy costs, but it will surely migrate to residential homes in the near future.

Intu: 360 Workspace Agility SystemIntu: 360 Workspace Agility System

The Intu: 360° Workspace Agility system works by using a network of sensors, nodes, and frequencies within an area. The nodes are about the size of a brick and are attached to the lighting fixtures, and they communicate with each other through low-frequency radio signals. The sensors are about the size of a hockey puck, and they are placed in strategic locations around a room to detect lighting, temperature levels, or even locations of equipment within a room. The entire system is controlled by computer which can be done on or off site.

Node: Attaches to light fixtureNode: Attaches to light fixturesensor: strategically placed around the roomsensor: strategically placed around the room








Companies are already seeing the usefulness of a lighting system such as this one. A company by the name of Saddle Creek in Lakeland, Florida operates 15 warehouses in that area. Industrial engineer/manager at Saddle Creek, Tom Nepute says, "The intriguing part is the flexibility to set schedules of the lights to the schedule of the work force. For example, lights that would shut off in certain areas at the end of shifts or breaks. I could do what we call zoning off the warehousing."

Light Corp. is the first company to offer this kind of wireless lighting technology on such a grand scale. They're confident that this new technology will help to grow their $36 million dollar business, and also help to place them ahead of their main competitors: GE, Phillips, and Lutron Electronics Inc.

Source: Grand Rapids Press

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Nov 25, 2008
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Wireless Lighting

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