New Year’s Resolution: Fill Up That Eco-friendly Piggy Bank

There are plenty of reason you may be broke this early in the year of 2010, last year's holiday gift giving, doctor's bills, bad economy, and so on, but that doesn't mean you have to stay broke. In 2010 save green and be green by dropping all your loose change into an innovative eco-friendly piggy bank like the ones below.


 Recycled Silk Piggy Bank

via VivaTerravia VivaTerra

This colorful silk piggy bank is a delight to look at and serves as a place to store your loose change as well as eco-friendly décor to proudly display in your home. It is made with recycled silk scraps and is applied to a strong frame. It is 10 inches long and almost 7 inches tall.


Fair Trade Chicken Piggy Bank

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Okay, this isn't exactly a pig, it's a stern looking chicken. However, it is eco-friendly and it can still save your money for you. This ceramic chicken piggy bank is handmade in Peru and it is about 6 inches long and 5 inches tall.



Upcycled Elephant Piggy Bank

via Etsy seller originality123via Etsy seller originality123

This adorable elephant piggy bank is crocheted by Etsy seller originality123 onto a large water bottle. To retrieve the money the nose can be twisted off. It is about 9 inches long and 6 inches wide.


Mrs. Daisy Piggy Bank

via Etsy seller mumbosvia Etsy seller mumbos

This unique piggy bank doesn't even resemble an animal. It's a Mrs. Daisy face sculpture made from papier mache over a recycled container. The Mrs. Daisy piggy bank sculpture is "painted with acrylic paint, detailed with ink, and finished off with a glossy sealant to insure water resistance (not waterproof, not a toy)".


The Best For Last: Power Hog Piggy Bank

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This power hog piggy bank appears to be a concept of a piggy bank that measures power consumption to help children and their parents learn about the energy cost of electronics. The tail is plugged into the outlet and the electronic is plugged into the snout. The more change is fed to the hog the longer the electronics can be used.

What is a good way to earn a few extra cents if you don't have any? Recycling. Take soda cans and scrap metal to a recycling center in exchange for a bit of cash. When you get home drop it into a eco-friendly piggy bank you bought or made yourself.

Happy eco-friendly savings in the new year!