New York City Tap Water - TAP'D NY™ - Now Available In Bottles!

You knew that New York City had the finest water in the world, right? You heard that from a New Yorker. Well, a new company called TAP’D NY™ has recently been formed to exploit that fact and bring that tap water to you… in a bottle. This company has been making a big splash lately, particularly in the press….

The hype is not only about the water, delicious as it is. TAP'D NY is not your average water bottling company. In fact, you would think that making money is the last thing on the minds of TAP'D NY entrepreneurs. Just look at how they're running their business!

1. TAP'D NY bottles water straight from New York City water taps, purifying it through reverse osmosis. It sells its water for $36 per 24 20-ounce bottles, about $1.50 a bottle (plus shipping to the U.S. only).

2. TAP'D NY encourages New York City residents to refil their water bottles WITH ANY OLD NEW YORK CITY TAP WATER! At any City water tap! Instead of buying more filled TAP'D NY bottles!

3. TAP'D NY is supporting the local economy of New York City, providing jobs to local citizens and encouraging New Yorkers to drink local instead of consuming water from the Alps, which makes a big carbon footprint that citizens of the earth can't afford to make any more. (Actually, TAP'D NY also encourages consumption of only local produce and farm products too.)

4. TAP'D NY calls it like it is in all of its advertising. If the water doesn't come from a well, a mountain stream, or a glacier, the company refuses to say it does. TAP'D NY's slogan: Truth in Hydration. Actually, New York City water does come from a pretty nice place in the Catskill Mountains called the Ashokan Reservoir (below).



Ashokan ReservoirAshokan Reservoir

5. TAP'D NY even has a blog about honesty in water advertising. It's also called Truth in Hydration.

6. TAP'D NY even has a manifesto that some think is political! Here it is:

It's all outrageous... but you've got to see the company's bottle advertising! (Apologies to TAP'D NY, but I had to break up your photo so the bottles would be readable.)



That's cool advertising, don't you think? Say, I wouldn't mind having a cool one right now....

via Boing Boing, sources: TAP'D NY; Truth In Hydration, Wikipedia

Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous


I'm teetotal, so if I ask for some tap water in a bar, what should I expect?

Sep 15, 2008
by Toby
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I guess...

I guess they would give you tap water in a bar.Wink

Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Plastic bottles

Do we really need more of this litter?