New York Introduces Pop-Up Cafes!

In the past, there was no option for NYC business owners to introduce cafes along the city's curb lanes, but after a successful summer trial this past year, the city is actually encouraging the establishment of some pop-up businesses and they're willing to make changes to make it work!

NYC Pop-Up CafesNYC Pop-Up Cafes

New York's Department of Transportation actually setup a test scenario to determine if pop-up cafes would survive in the city, and after determining that in fact 2 Starbucks per block isn't quite enough for New Yorkers, they're encouraging more cafes to pop-up curbside. Established cafes can apply with the city to be granted approval for a temporary pop-up venue for the summer of 2011 or 2012. They're responsible for funding the construction of the pop-up building, but the city will help deal with other factors to make the business successful. With even more cafes, New York will never again know how to slow down.