New York Yankee Sod: Create A Lawn Fit For Baseball Pros

Every time you turn on the TV or walk into Yankee Stadium to watch the professionals hit it out of the ballpark, you can't help but admire A-Rod's steroid enhanced biceps, but another thing catches your eye; just how damn green that stadium grass is. A company makes sure you get one of the best parts of Yankee Stadium at home; no, I don't mean the procession of hot female celebs trailing in to watch Rodriguez play, I mean that luscious green grass.

Whether your poison to getting a green lawn is sod or grass seed, with Stadium Associates you can have a lawn fit to be spit on by all American baseball players. Delea Sod Farms which produces the green, green grass for Yankee Stadium doesn't use it all on an annual basis when keeping the ball park looking luscious and green; so the sod cast-offs are up for grabs, and Stadium Associates takes it off their hands to sell a little piece of baseball history that people can preserve at home.

New York Yankee Sod is available from Home Depot stores in the New York area, and New York Yankee Grass Seek and collectibles are available through the Stadium Associates website so baseball fans can take the ball field home with them!

Jun 23, 2009
by Chris Weiss


As a lifetime Yankees fan, this would be pretty sweet. Of course, I hope that it doesn't cost as much as tickets to the new stadium.