The Newest, Hottest Way To Remove Wrinkles, Creases, Cellulite, And Fat! - Accent XL

If simple heat applications could melt away all your cosmetic flaws, would you apply them? Would you spend a few thousand dollars and withstand the heat, let’s say of a hot tub or heating pad, to get a face lift or a tummy tuck without the knife or the sucking device? How about lifting your buttocks or firming your thighs? Well hurry! In most areas, you're looking two to six months out to get started... because the procedure is really HOT!

The latest big cosmetic technology to be approved in the U.S. is the Accent XL. Invented by Alma Lasers, the Accent XL, has been used in Europe, Asia, and some Latin American countries for a few years, but is catching “fire” rapidly in the “states.”

Accent XL is a machine that uses Volumetric RF (Radio Frequency) Thermotherapy applied to your skin through two devices: a bipolar device that smooths out the superficial layers of the skin, and would be used, say, to smooth wrinkles, and a unipolar device used for the deeper layers of the skin to reduce fat and cellulite.

You can achieve results similar to those of a face-lift or liposuction, but these results are achievable over time and depend on your age and extent of your expectations. In other words, if you have mild expression lines or saggy jowls, a little tummy bulge, or a small amount of jiggle in your upper arms, you can expect more from the AccentXL treatments than if conditions are nearing the extremes. Some improvement will be made, regardless, but if you can do this in your 40's or 50's and maintain your treatments once or twice a year, your results will be profound.

Count on three to five initial treatments for each area – face, neck, thigh, etc. (I would not be surprised if you don’t start thinking of yourself as a chicken.) Each session lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and can be repeated two to three weeks apart.

The “area” under treatment may be further broken down into inches and/or may vary by treatment center. These definitions will affect the total amount you pay for the treatment as will your locale. The price of an Accent XL “face lift,” for example, might be $2000 or as much as $5000 depending whether you are in Lake Havasu City or Beverly Hills. Most Accent XL facilities offer treatment packages, some allowing you to combine treatment parts (e.g., two thighs, thigh and butt… I have to stop before I get silly!).

Popping up everywhere from skin care centers to dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons’offices, the AccentXL practitioners are not generally medical staff, but are technicians trained by Alma representatives and must be certified before practicing on patients. You can find the centers closest to you at the Alma website.

The following video describes how Volumetric RF Thermotherapy works on your skin to reduce fat and cellulite.



In this video, you can see the Accent XL technique in operation.


OK, well there are six AccentXL treatment centers within 50 miles of my home, so I'm going to burn some fat, baby! Keeping you posted!

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Jun 27, 2008
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