Newman K1 Smartphone With Quad-Core CPU & 5-inch Screen To Be Priced Under $160

“Hello, Newman...” Sorry, couldn't resist but when you name your smartphone company Newman you're just asking for a Seinfeld reference. With that said, Newman (the company) really delivers and we don't mean the mail.

The upcoming K1 smartphone was designed to be the firm's flagship product and it's got all the bells and whistles (check out the full spec sheet here) one would expect from a leading mobile phone manufacturer.

Let's get to the core of the matter – in (or inside) the case of the K1 lurks a MediaTek MTK6589 quad-core chipset. This differs from the With Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core processor used for last year's Newman N2 smartphone. Speaking of the N2, it only had a single 13.0 mega-pixel main camera while the K1 packs a pair: a 2 MP in front and a 13.0 MP rear.

Newman clearly intends the K1 to be a step-up from the N2, which was generally well-received on its debut but suffered in the marketplace from expensive sticker pricing and an unremarkable appearance. Besides giving the K1 a more organic shape complemented by classic black-over-white toning, Newman's target price is below 1,000 yuan or just under $160.

Newman is laying the groundwork for a hit-the-ground-running product launch by enlisting China's formidable social media machine to set the market a-buzz before the K1's scheduled retail release sometime in April.

The company is encouraging Newman forum members to promote the K1 smartphone through their social networks. Each of the top 10 promoters based on audience size will be given a Newman K1 at no charge before the smartphone's official launch. (via GizChina and GizmoChina)