News From Yous: Company Integrates Social Media With Print News

Facebook and other social networking sites have become great ways for family of all generations around the world to stay in touch with one another. But for those who aren't as technologically savvy, it's not hard to be left out of the loop, which is why a new business News From Yous is integrating social media with print.

News From YousNews From Yous

News From Yous is actually a Facebook application in development that will share information from an individual's user profile and put them into a newsletter or postcard. If there are additional members of the same family who would like to share their information, then they can be added to the print updates as well.

The personal who puts together the newsletter can edit the information that's sent out, and then once each print submission is approved, News From Yous prints it and mails it. That way, those family and friends who are missing out on the regular updates due to technological disconnection aren't left out of the loop!

Via: Springwise