Next In Cat Social Media Toys: The Cat2See



"Cats are the most viral thing on the Internet after sex," Gilad Gelfand told Israeli newspaper Haaretz, as he explained how Cat2See, his remote cat play-watch-feed invention, would fit into the booming cat watching and sharing arena.  Cat2See, indeed, has its similarities to existing cat watching apps, but it has its differences too.  What I like about it most is its R2D2-looking robotic fishing rod holder!


Cat2See remote-operated fishing pole operator: image via cat2see.comCat2See remote-operated fishing pole operator: image via


The fishing rod holder, above, and the webcam, below, both rotate 180° around, as well as up and down.Both come in a kit along with a Cat2See Feeder, which does not rotate.


Cat2See Webcam: image via cat2see.comCat2See Webcam: image via


 Cat2See Feeder: image via cat2see.comCat2See Feeder: image via


Gelfand, a multiple cat owner, techie, and entrepreneur, created the Cat2See to make sure that his cats had enough to eat and some stimulation while he was gone from home.  The 'playcam,' webcam, and feeder can all be operated by WiFi or cell phone data connection. You can see if your cat is hungry and feed him, and have fun with your cat by playing with him. The fishing rod idea is so clever!




Family members and friends can take turns entertaining and feeding you cats when you may not be available. And your cats can join the millions of felines bringing laughs to us cat-happy social media nuts.

For more information about the Cat2See, visit the website here.


via Haaretz, Times of Israel

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