Next Fisker Model to Get Plug In Capability...Priced in Chevy Volt Territory

With as much attention as the Fiskar Karma go, it only makes sense that the up and coming automaker would start planning something new. The rumors now are that this next Fiskar model will be a Plug In Hybrid with a starting price somewhere in the $39,000 range.

While not much is known about this possible new model, it is known that the automaker had previously gone to the US Department of Energy for a research and development loan. The amount they requested was undetermined, but they stated their reason was to develop a lower cost plug in model. Interestingly enough, nobody is sure if the loan was ever granted.

Assuming the new plug in model is developed, it will likely sport many of the same design cues as the Karma. The powerplant will assumedly be a scaled down version of the sportier vehicle as well.

Since the Karma is still slated to begin production next year, this new model earliest release date is at least 3 year away. The real question is if the price is factoring in the $7,500 tax credit for purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

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Sep 23, 2009
by Anonymous

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Fisker about producing some for the Rental market aside those who want to BUY.

Love to drive one.

Looks cool.

Expand to the Rental Market.