Awkward Combination or Next Great Sport: Sailbiking

Hypothetical situation: You're an avid nautician (don't look it up, I completely fabricated that word) that grew up in the harbors around Boston. You live to get out onto the open waters and navigate around by the way of wind. Sailing runs through your veins.


Out of left field, you get a lucrative job offer that lands you in the midwest somewhere between Ohio and Colorado without an ocean or bay in sight. Your weekends are now measured in miles rather than knots and you are downright miserable. Sure, there's an annual trip or two back to Boston, but for the rest of the year you're landlocked (landlawcked). What to do?

Pterosail has got your back. Essentially a sailbike, the Pterosail is a recumbent tricycle with no small amount of sail attached. While the sailor in our hypothetical had plenty of experience, he won't even need it for this beaut': the  Automatic Sheet Management (ASM) system is a simple, one-handed tension system that allows the rider to add tension to harness the wind and add slack to slow down. And on those still, summer days when there's not a breeze in sight, the Pterosail doubles as a regular recumbent bike for standard leg-powered travel. The sail can even be broken down on the fly and stored in a travel bag. 

You may need to sell both your bike and boat off for this one; it'll run you a cool $5,499. You can see a demo when the Pterosail team bikes and sails across the southern United States from San Diego to St. Augustine Florida beginning in July. 

Pterosail via The GearCaster