The Next Level of Tailgating: The Margaritaville Portable Tailgate Grill

Whether your destination is the Stones or the Giants, you know you're going to be tailgating this summer. The Margaritaville Portable Tailgate Grill makes tailgating easier than ever by letting you attach your grill directly to your vehicle. It features a patented swing-out travel arm that attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch so that you never have to look for your grill again: it'll be exactly where you want it.

When you pull up in your parking spot, swing the grill out from your car, fire it up and start cooking. The propane grill has a built-in electric starter for fast, painless firing. You get 352 square inches of cooking space for all those burgers, steaks and brats. The grill even includes a storage drawer for condiments and fold-out side tables for prep. If you're in a place where tailgating just ain't that classy--the grill also has legs so that it can be used on a patio or deck. Since it's already on your car, you'll be ready for a spontaneous grill-out no matter where you are.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea, but when you have a 20,000-BTU grill strapped to your bumper, it's even less advisable. That seems like a pretty glaring red flag for the local police--you might want to stick to Perrier.

Update: This grill is no longer available. But another excellent portable grill is here.

Amazon via  Auto Motto

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