Next Time You're Stressed Out, Lie On A Bed Of Nails


Have you ever had one of those really rough days when all you can think about is flopping down in bed and letting the stress of the day melt away, only to find that once you are there you still cannot relax and recharge?  There is something missing – that extra boost that comes from completely letting go of tension and increasing positive energy.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to have someone around who gives amazing massages, but for those times when you are on your own or just want to try something new, you could look into the Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat.




 Yes, that’s right!  I said bed of nails and relaxation in the same sentence.  While not actually constructed of regular nails, this mat features 6440 pokey plastic spikes to hit 230 acupressure points.  The mat is said to enhance circulation and blood oxygenation.  The potential benefits of this include better sleep, reduced pain, more energy, a deeper level of relaxation, less tension, endorphin release, improved digestion and better overall mood.



The makers do suggest that this device can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but will soon begin to feel very good.  They also caution that people with certain skin and blood conditions, serious heart problems and pregnant women should not use the mat.  For those who try out the mat and feel that they could still use a few more spikes, there is also a corresponding neck pillow. You can find the Bed of Nails here.


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