NHTSA Could Mandate New Safety Features for 2012

Recent advances in automotive technology have offered an increased level of security for every driver on the road. Systems that automatically slow your vehicle down when an impending collision is detected and sensors that watch for other vehicles during a lane change are just two examples of such technologies and also the ones the NHTSA may be mandating for all new vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been looking into these new systems over the past few months and it is their belief that including these systems on every passenger vehicle would greatly decrease the likelihood of a traffic accident. The two systems are currently offered on a handful of premium luxury model vehicles, which places them out of many people's price range.

Should the NHTSA go through with the mandate, how will this affect the price of new vehicles?  Both of the systems in review are fairly complex and require not only the sensor equipment, but also the supporting hardware for any autonomous actions as well as the software to make everything work in sync.

In some cases, you would be looking at an extra $2000 or $3,000 for a vehicle.  This isn't to say the added safety features aren't worth it, but such a mandate could end up costing quite a bit when it comes time to purchase a new automobile.

The NHTSA plans on researching the viability of the two systems, which includes a cost-benefit analysis, over the next few months. They hope to announce their findings before the end of the year.

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Jul 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Raising the Cost

Great methodology to make sure people keep their old cars - add so many new safety features that they become unaffordable to the very people they purport to be legislating for.

Jul 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Goodbye GM & Ford

If NHSTA does Mandate this ,watch New Car sales FALL.

Then add Fuel costs alone, etc.

& CA Auto Tax then No New Car is Sold.

Part of me says Yes for Safety.

But I worry about overall Cost of system & training techs to Fix system.

I can see a Plain Jane Lexus for 40K coming?

Or Vette Plain Jane for 70K.

Nice cars, great features & Rolls Royce price tag.

Good show US Govt.

Mandate GM & Ford to the junkheap alone.

If your going to Mandate why not
"mandate" a KITT style car IE

2 way Voice Comm
Flexfuel engine
traffic sensor array ext.
Car has "voice".
Self Diagnostics & send data to nearest Garage.
Ergonomic driving controls & dash.

Now add up that system & price for a Plain Jane Firebird or Mustang.

Autosteer lets car drive from say LA CA to Sedona (driveway to driveway) save Fuel stops, dining, rest rooms enroute.
Via GPS.

I say make Mandate "competitive" Issue Award to Companies that can do IT & Raise Incentives for Companies overall.
Like the X Prize for a KITT Project Car.

Jul 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Technology gone wild!

The government is always looking for more ways to protect us from ourselves. We need simpler less expensive ways to live, not more regulation and a higher cost.