Niche Matchmaking Service for Rednecks: Fall in Love & Have a Laugh

The online dating market has become a hubbub of activity with single (though not always) people looking to make a love connection. In order to be successful in the dating industry, online dating businesses are turning to strange niche businesses, to attract unique clientele looking to meet their match. Redneck and Single may sound like a joke, but really, Rednecks take their honky-tonk dating seriously!

Only the best of businesses are able to make fun of their concept and their clientele, and that's exactly what Redneck and Single does. They say that since they think that rednecks are some of the most fun people on earth, they felt the needed to create Redneck and Single to allow rednecks to mix and mingle, and if they're lucky; make a love connection. According to Redneck and Single, like other matchmaking services, people with similar interests are brought together; however, the interest of the rednecks are distinct and unique, like huntin', campin, fishin, muddin' and Nascar!

The aim of Redneck and Single is to create an online honky-tonk where rednecks can gather without the drinkin', the cussin' and the fightin'.

In order to browse the in-depth profiles of the Redneck and Single users, you must sign up for free. No word if the strange matchmaking charges following a successful love connection.

Redneck and Single is a matchmaking business that capitalizes on the concept that there really is someone out there for everyone; including those willing to laugh at themselves and their lifestyle choices.

Mar 26, 2009
by Anonymous

You have to be kidding me?