Turn on Your Computer with Floppy Disk Art

Your Database or MineYour Database or Mine

Nick Gentry is an artist that will bring out the geek in you. He makes artwork from old floppy disks.

A Collection of MemoriesA Collection of Memories

Using floppy disks, VHS tapes and other older media devices as his art medium, this London artist creates portraits in which the subjects seem sad and almost lonely.

Algorithm BluesAlgorithm Blues

If you look closely, you can see writing on some of the floppy disks which give a story all its own of what each disk formerly contained. There could be memories, love letters, pictures....anything on these disks that will forever be kept a secret. You never know, one of these disks could have the answer to the meaning of life. Or whether or not Elvis is still alive! 

Man Sans CPUMan Sans CPU

How does he go about creating this art? From his artist's statement: "Each piece starts with either some preparatory sketching of an imaginary person, or searching for images of faces. The features are then mapped into a grid, with each section the size of one disk. The disks are then placed in tonally appropriate areas (almost like pixels) to create a collage. On top of this, the outline of the head and the details are sketched in pencil, with oil paint to emphasise the features. This process is quite selective as only certain sections are finished completely. The unfinished aspect allows the viewer to see the layers, showing how the work has been created."






My OneMy One

Gentry also takes donations! Which means that if you've got some top secret disk that you don't know what to do with, maybe it would be good to send it on to this artist. That way no one will ever find out your secrets. Unless they put the disk into a computer, of course. Then you're screwed.

I've got a ton of old cassette tapes that I could donate to the cause. Although, I'm not sure about getting rid of my New Kids on the Block cassette tapes and videos....that may be going a little too far. But if he could make a life-size portrait of Donnie, it may be worth it.

I love that Gentry takes an item we normally have no idea what to do with and turns it into something useful and creative. It's also recycled art, which is good for the environment.  What do you think of this artwork?

Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Nick Gentry's website to see more of this amazing artwork!