Nico Sushi Memo Pads Look Tasty, Won't Get Stinky

This holiday season, give the gift of sushi with Nico Sushi Memo Pads. Unlike actual sushi, these cute & colorful paper memo pads are easy to leave notes on and won't become smelly after being stuck on your refrigerator door for a few days.

Kenjiro Sano designed these playful yet practical memo pad blocks, each of which measures 40mm wide by 90mm long by 40mm tall, or 1.57” by 3.54” by 1.57” for you non-metric sticklers. Four different varieties of sushi are represented within every four-pack of memo pads: tamago (egg), salmon, maguro (tuna), and toro (fatty tuna).

Keep in mind, however, that Nico Sushi Memo Pads aren't self-adhesive like the popular series of 3M Post-it Notes. Also, one you've used up the “fishy” sheets from each pad you're left with decidedly un-sushi-like plain white memos – still quite practical but not nearly as cute. Then again, who eats the sashimi off their sushi and leaves the rice part for later?

You can order Nico Sushi Memo Pads online direct from White Rabbit Express at their convenient English-language product page. Each pack of four costs $19.20 plus shipping from Japan. (images via Scope)