The Nifty "Wire Stay" Joins The Crew At Doug Mockett & Co

Doug Mockett & Company has the the largest array of wire managers I've ever seen in one place! The specialty hardware store is a wealth of small gadgets, most of which you never think about unless something breaks, or falls off, or gets lost.

I hate to admit this, but I've had a thing about wire managers for several years now. I remember it started when I wanted to set up speakers on a 12-foot stairway landing that you could see from the entire living area of the house. There just wasn't a "wire manager" in those days, so I overlapped two white plastic shower rod covers and passed the speaker wires through them.

Now, though we're in the age of wireless technology, there are more wires crawling the floors then ever before and, thankfully, there seems to be a demand for "wire managers." I don't even care about concealment any more; I just want to keep them straight.



I spotted this rubber Wire Stay among the crew of wire managers at Doug Mockett's and at first I thought it was pretty funny because it looked like the top portion of a woman's head with perm rollers in her hair. But I appreciate the Wire Stay for being a neat and simple way to keep your wires straight.

The Wire Stay was designed for Mockett's by Harry Allen, a New York design agency, so you know that Mockett's takes its wire managers seriously. The Wire Stay is extruded soft rubber that you can stick to the wall or under your desk with double-sided tape, if you don't want to drill through it. The colors are neat too: powder blue, mango, and avocado.


Doug Mockett & Company, Harry Allen Design, Core77



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