The Night Riderz Lighted Zipline Is A Backyard Sensation

Riding The Lighted ZiplineRiding The Lighted Zipline

If you have adventurous kids, or if you're a kid at heart, I bet your backyard is full of fun toys and hideouts. Maybe you're looking for something fun and new. The Night Riderz Lighted Zipline would make a great addition to an adventurous family's backyard.

With the Lighted Zipline, playtime doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. This zipline contains 50 multicolored LED lights on the seat, rope and trolley, so not only is your toy flashy, but you glide across the backyard in the dark as well.

Night Riderz Lighted ZiplineNight Riderz Lighted Zipline

If you have a tree house, a zipline is a perfect way to come down from the highest limbs. A zipline is also just plain fun, and it helps to build upper body strength strengthen balance and coordination. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the Night Riderz zipline. It will support up to 250 pounds.

The Night Riderz Lighted Zipline kit comes with a fully assembled trolley (to make set-up a little easier), cable attachments, the lighted seat and a 100' long cable to string across your yard. The kit is fairly easy to be set-up, and you can make your yard just a little more awesome in only about 30 minutes.

Night Riderz Zipline KitNight Riderz Zipline Kit

Your kids will love this backyard toy, and you can get some fun out of it as well. If you think the Night Riderz Lighted Zipline is just what your family needs, you can find more information on the Slackers website (makers of the Night Riderz Lighted Zipline) or go straight to Amazon to order your own (they have this cool product at 10% off right now).

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