Night Shift Sleep Study Is Novel Use For Crowdsourcing


How much would you pay to be involved in an international study registered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in which you are testing a new sleep apnea device?  Would you pay $269? $539? $1299? $2499?  Those are some of the pricings of the packages being offered by the makers of Night Shift, a new device that promises to correct your snoring problems - problems that can lead to serious health consequences such as memory loss, chronic fatigue, and even heart failure. 


Consequences of sleep apnea: image via indiegogo.comConsequences of sleep apnea: image via

The most widely used device to correct sleep apnea at present is the CPAP machine, a breathing machine that provides continuous pressure through a tube and a face mask, keeping the airways open while you sleep.  CPAP machines are not sexy, but they work.

Newer devices, some as basic as a snoring pillow or a bed that raises your head when you snore on your back, are based on changing the position of the body from the back, where snoring tends to increase, to the side.  The Night Shift is a positional snoring device, one that is straped to the back of the neck, that senses when you are lying on your back and emits a vibration, a stronger and stronger vibration, until you change your position.


Night Shift: image via indiegogo.comNight Shift: image via


Night Shift: image via indiegogo.comNight Shift: image via

But the Night Shift is more than a positional vibrating gadget.  It is also a smart gadget, collecting information on the frequency of your snoring, and "the degree of sleep framentation, as well as the interaction between alcohol consumption, snoring, and sleep quality,"  It also tracks your behavioral adaptation to the Night Shift therapy. You will have access to an internet-based Report Portal where you can retrieve your personal sleep data and collective information on study results as they come in.

Now, even though the NIH is funding the study, enrollees are asked to sign up through Indiegogo and pay for various treatment packages. You do get to keep your device and can continue to access your information after the study. 

The developers of Night Shift will bill your health insurance company for your fee. If you are enrolled in a Preferred Provider (PPO) plan, the plan might cover these expenses. Otherwise... well, you should check with your insurance company before you enroll, just so you know if you will be personally responsible for the fees.  

But if snoring is a problem for you and/or your sleeping companion, you should definitely check out the Night Shift offers.


Night Shift Therapy via Medgadget