Nike And Teague Team Up To Design The Athlete's Plane

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That's right--Teague, along with the help of Nike, designed a plane just for athletes. You've heard of a "home team advantage," right? That advantage isn't so much about the court or the enthusiastic crowd. It's about the fact that the away team has to travel and to experience the stresses of travel. The Athlete's Plane was made to eliminate that "home team advantage."

Studies on "home field advantage" focus mainly on the effects of travel and staying in an unfamiliar environment. Of course it's nice to play your chosen sport in front of hundreds or thousands of people who are cheering you on rather than heckling you, however that heckling doesn't affect physical performance the way traveling does. Studies have shown that motor function deteriorates after air travel, and the further teams have to travel the greater that team's chance of coming back home with an addition to the 'Loss'  side of their record.

Athlete's Plane LoungeAthlete's Plane Lounge

Teague, in collaboration with Nike, was inspired to create a reduced-stress means of travel, and thus the concept of the Athlete's Plane was born. First they did interviews and surveys with athletes, team physicians, coaches, sleep specialists and trainers. Then they consulted with other designers and trainers from Nike and centered the design of the Athlete's Plane on four areas of performance: thinking, sleep, circulation and recovery.

For the "thinking" aspect of performance, the plane has a player lounge--a place where players can go to interact with their teammates and watch game film. To ensure that athletes are well rested and comfortable while they sleep, the Athlete's Plane has beds that allow 7-footers to lie flat and sleep. Athletes can also get their biometrics tested at any time during the flight, and they have their own in-flight meals that correspond to their nutritional needs. 

Athlete's Plane BedsAthlete's Plane Beds

The design of the Athlete's Plane also fosters mobility. Athletes can move freely throughout the plane, get massages, have intravenous infusions and get electro-stimulation and cold/hot contrast treatment. These treatment options not only foster the "circulation" aspect of performance, but the "recovery" aspect as well.

For the all of these performance aspects, the Athlete's Plane was designed to neutralize the effects of air travel. With all of its features and design benefits, it will give competitive teams the edge they need when it counts, during their road trips. 

 Source: Teague