Nike Work Boot Inspired Sneakers: The Nike Air Royal Mid Quickstripe

Nike is jumping on all of the trends these days, earlier this week it was the cool weather inspired kicks that were a topic of conversation, and now it's the line of sneakers inspired by work boots!

The Nike Air Royal Mid QuickstripeThe Nike Air Royal Mid Quickstripe

The Nike Air Royal Mid Quickstripe is Nike's foray into work boot influenced sneakers. Similar designs have been trendy for years, but these are strictly about fashion and not at all for function like some released previously.  The colors are also modern and updated, and not quite as bold as the traditional sandy work boot color. The Quickstriple line by Nike will initially include sneaker styles in dark burgundy and black, which have the subtle Nike logo and accents of classic work boot laces.

Nike Work Boot Inspired SneakersNike Work Boot Inspired Sneakers

Nike's work boot inspired line of shoes that will be available for retail soon shouldn't actually be worn on a work site, but people who like the look can get it!

Via: SneakerNews

Jan 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Nike steelcaped workboots

Hey how about bringing out a fashionable looking Nike workboots that can actually be worn at a work site. What is the point of calling a product a work boot if it is useless and not functional as its name implies? I would definitely get a pair if they were compatible with ordinary work boots. The style above looks nice, add a steel cap or something with similar or better protection for the toes and you have a winner.