Nikon Sues Sakar Over iM1836 Android Camera

Nikon has decided to sue Sakar International Inc. over the design of the Polaroid iM1836, an interchangeable lens compact camera that looks a lot like the Nikon 1 series. The lawsuit seeks an injunction against both manufacture and sale of the iM1836. According to a press release Nikon tried to resolve the matter with Sakar, but did not come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Comments about the lawsuit appeared quickly on various online forums, with some commenters comparing Nikon's actions to Apple's when it went after Samsung over its Galaxy Tab design, which many considered a frivolous lawsuit. Others stated that Sakar had it coming, with its choice of a design that more than emulated Nikon's 1 series.

"Maybe Nikon should sue other brands for placing a reflex mirror inside a DSLR, button on the upright corner and an LCD screen in the back," was one poster's comment in an online forum.

"It is a total rip-off, so Nikon is right to go after them," countered another. 

Visitors to this site may have read an article I wrote about the Polaroid iM1836 in February. Back then I didn't really compare it to other cameras, from a design standpoint. What really caught my eye was the fact that it was the first camera to be powered by the Android operating system, which really set it aside from other cameras in the market.

Now, comparing both cameras in detail you can definitely notice a very strong resemblance, to say the least. The actual camera bodies are pretty much the same, save for a few details here and there. Compare the Polaroid iM1836 and Nikon 1 pictures and decide for yourself. 



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